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Intercontinental - Ballrooms and Tents

Iftar Time: 6pm - 7:30pm
Suhour Time: 9pm - 2am

Enjoy Iftar and Souhour at our Al Wajba Ballroom complemented by our Shisha tent and lounge area. The Café restaurant will be serving Breakfast and Lunch, Mykonos will be open from noon and Tea Garden will open after sunset serving Tex-Mex dishes.

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Reservations: 4484 4025

Prices: Varies

Souq Wagif

Iftar Time: Varies
Suhour Time: Varies

The souq is going to be a perfect destination to enjoy Ramadan. With its old historic atmosphere, there’ll be plenty of places to choose for dining or breaking your fast. Perhaps you’d like to have iftar in one place and sheesha in another.

Reservations: N/A

Prices: Varies

Al Rayhan Tent

8pm - 12am Visit the Al Rayhan Tent at Katara and experience various workshops which include coloring, handcrafts, and writing. Also enjoy face painting, traditional story telling and various exhibitions which will be great fun for both adults and children. There'll be some other great surprises as well!

Prices: Free

Al Mourjan - Corniche

The "Al Mourjan Iftar Bayti" tastes exactly like it would at home, food cooked with passion as if it came out from your mother's kitchen. The "Al Mourjan Sohour Under the Stars" is unque to Doha, dine and listen to live music with our Oud player relaxing you until the early hours of the morning.

Reservations: 4483-4423 or 6604-0290

W Hotel

Iftar Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Suhour Time: 9:00pm – 2:00am

The Great Room: Enter to a world of culinary delights from around the globe and dine in comfort under brilliant stars while enjoying our band's music. IFTAR: 195 QR Suhour: 260 QR

WAHM: Sohour only from 8:00pm till 2:30am Arabic a la carte menu & signature sheesha menu.

Reservations: 44535135

Ramada Plaza

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: Varies

Iftaar will be served in the Ramada Plaza Hotel’s Hyde Park Coffee Shop. Guests can choose from an array of special Ramadan dishes and a huge selection of desserts and sweets, all specially prepared by our team of renowned Arabic Chefs. Iftar Buffet at Chingari - QR 119

Reservations: 44281555

Wyndham Grand Regency

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm

Iftar and Ghabka Buffet @ QR 169 at Grand Gourmet Restaurant / Asian Buffet for Iftar @ QR 149 at Chopsticks Restaurant. Special discount for groups / Free for children under 5 years old / 50% discount for children between 6-12 years / All above rates are per person.

Reservations: 4434 3203

Prices: Ghabka Buffet: QR 169
Asian Buffet: QR149

Al Aud / Al Misk Tents

8pm - 12am These two tents are the perfect blend between traditional and international arabian culture. Experience caricaturists, art workshops for kids and adults, a photo exhibition called "Doha in Black and White", Iranian Music, Andalusian Music, a Qatari Talent show, Traditional Souq, and kids can customize their own toys to take home too!

Prices: Free

La Cigale

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 2am

Iftar: A delicious Buffet is served at Le Cigalon restaurant for families & small groups. It features traditional Ramadan delicacies.

Suhour: Enjoy a delectable Buffet at the Ramadan Tent amid soft live music and aromatic Shishas.

Reservations: 4428 8698

Iftar: QR200 Suhour: QR250

Ramada Encore

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm

Iftar Indulgence at Ramada Encore Enjoy Encore`s mouthwatering specialized cuisine the "Hub" restaurant Group Iftar bookings (minimum 20 person )Buffet starting from QR 85 per person only . Inclusive of Ramadan beverages .50% Discount on children 6-2 years old

Reservations: 4444 3444

Prices: QR 85


Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: N/A

Be overwhelmed with the Oriental ambiance of Ramadan and enjoy a choice of traditional treats and beverages at the daily lavish Iftar Buffet at Al Hubara .

Reservations: 4485 4556

Prices: QR 195 (adults) QR 100 (Children below 12) (Free for children below 6)


Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 1am

Iftar: Break your fast at the Corniche Restaurant. Drink ramadan juices, freshly prepared arabic specialities, carving stations, and delicious desserts. QR 155 Suhour: Visit the Corniche Restaurant or Shisha Terrace for a beautiful buffet or to dine on mezzahs and shisha. QR 175 (Shisha Terrace from 9:30pm)

Reservations: 4429 8499

Al Sharq Village and Spa

Iftar Time: 6pm - 10:30pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 2am

Iftar: Enjoy iftar at Al Liwan restaurant. Chef Ali prepares traditional hot and cold dishes. Enjoy seafood and grilled meats. QR 205 Suhour: Visit Sehr Al Sharq Tent or Al Qareb for an enjoyable suhour. An exquisitely decorated tent with over 45 different dishes of the region and live entertainment.

Reservations: 4425 6666

Mecca Exhibition

A unique exhibition showcasing amazing photography of Mecca in Al Madina. Photographs and art by famous regional photographers.

Prices: Free


Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 1am

The Ritz has transformed the Wosail Ballroom into a beautiful tent bursting with colors. Within the tent are 6 VIP tents. 25 chefs will prepare delicious arabian food. There's also live entertainment, music, falconry, and henna designers. Mix that up with wide selection of Sheesha and you'll feel like a sultan.

Reservations: 4484 8000

Iftar: QR180 Suhour: QR250


Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm

Celebrate Ramadan at the Movenpick Hotel with the daily Iftar buffet harmoniously bringing Arabic and International specialities together. Enjoy hot and cold mezzeh, flavoured salads, mixed grills, traditional sweets and rinks, and have a special Ramadan at the Seasons restaurant.

Reservations: 4429 1111

Prices: Varies

Al Bustan Tent

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 2am

This year, Al Bustan will be hosting an Iftar buffet with the aim for guests to feel like they are at home. Considered to be one of the first dining tent designed like a typical Arabic Tent, it displays the acquaintance of typical culture, serving a typical Lebanese cuisine and not to forget the famous ‘hubbly-bubbly” commonly known as Sheesha, delights amongst the locals.

Reservations: NA

Prices: QR140

Merweb Hotel

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 11.30pm

Enjoy a great buffet for Iftar and enjoy an international cuisine as well. Friendly staff will be more than happy to ensure that you have a comfortable Iftar and that you're every need is served. Enjoy the sounds of a traditional arabian Oud played live as well!

Reservations: NA

Prices: QR115 (50% for children under 12 and free for under 5)

Special Ramadan Tour - Regency

•Ramadan special night city Tour •Sahour Fiesta in traditional Ramadan tents
•Corporate Iftar arrangements at our private luxury venues >br> •Traditional Iftar in desert camp
•Night desert safari
•Special culture village tours with activities
• Special rates for the Group bookings

Reservations: 4434 4444

Oryx Rotana - 1001 Nights Tent

Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 1am

Make your Ramadan even more special and treat your family and friends to a Iftar buffet in an impressive setting at Choices restaurant. Savour both traditional and international delights. For Suhour, don't miss the elegant 1,001 Nights tent. Enjoy unrivaled entertainment and buffets along with flavourful shisha. (QR 100 for unlimited sheesha)

Reservations: 4402 3333

Iftar: QR190 Suhour: QR220


Iftar Time: 6pm - 8pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 1am

Ramadan brings with it a time to share and care. Iftar has a selection of mouth-watering European and Arabian delicacies. For suhour, end the night with a blend of flavours in Kempinski's diverse Suhour buffet. It will be a night to remember with the Arabian setting of ramadan and the European flare of Kempinski.

Reservations: 4405 3325

Iftar: QR160 Suhour: QR190

Four Seasons - Arabica Tent

Iftar Time: 6pm - 7pm
Suhour Time: 9pm - 12am

The Four Seasons has created the Arabica Tent this Ramadan that will host an extensive Ramadan buffet that will feature local and traditional dishes as well as fresh breads, grills and live cooking stations. Enter Ramadan nights with sound of oriental tunes, oud, and the aroma of traditional sheesha.

Reservations: 4494 8888

Iftar: QR225 Suhour: QR285

Grand Hyatt

Iftar Time: 6pm - 7:30pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 2am

The Grand Hyatt has two choices for you to feast or unwind during Ramadan. One tent will serve drinks like coffee as well as sheesha and the other will be the one to choose for Iftar or Suhour.

Reservations: 44481234

Prices: NA

Diplomatic Club

Iftar Time: 6pm - 7:30pm
Suhour Time: 8pm - 2am

During the Month of Ramadan Spend some time in the Royal tent Located in the Diplomatic Club, the tent will be offering Sohor and sheesha, enjoy it while listening to live music. Iftar will also be available in Al Sayad Restaurant starting from 6:00pm.

Reservations: 4484 7444

Prices: NA

Hyatt Plaza & RAF Fast-A-Thon

Timing: Orientation: 4pm (5 August)
Iftar party: 6:35pm (6 August)

Register and be a part of a humanitarian cause for the 2nd Fast-a-Thon Campaign as for every participant, QR 200 will be donated by RAF for Somalia!
Attend the orientation at the Hyatt Plaza and you will be cordially invited to join us in breaking the fast on the Iftar Party.
A special event for non-muslims only so they can experience Ramadan AND give back to charity.

Reservations: 4499 9666

Katara Hall - Corporates

During this Holy Month of Ramadan, Katara Hall offers Ramadan Package for Corporate Events and Company’s special gathering .We offer lots of variety of Ramadan specialties which includes traditional sweets and beverages. Discounted Price: For every 150pax guaranteed there will be no rental fee during this period

Reservations: 4408 1900


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